Phospho3D is a database of three-dimensional structures of phosphorylation sites which stores information retrieved from the Phospho.ELM database and which is enriched with structural information and annotations at the residue level. The database also collects the results of a large-scale structural comparison procedure providing clues for the identification of new putative phosphorylation sites.

Phospho3D 2.0 also includes P3Dscan, which allows to compare your own protein structure against the set of 3D phosphorylation sites collected in the database.

The complete dataset of 3D phosphorylation sites, as well as non-redundant subsets, are available on request.

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Last data update: September 2010

WARNING: Phospho3D is back online! Please note that some functionalities, like P3Dscan, are still not working properly. We are working to restablish them as soon as possible.
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Zanzoni A., Carbajo D., Diella F., Gherardini P.F., Tramontano A., Helmer-Citterich M., Via A.
Phospho3D 2.0: An enhanced database of three-dimensional structures of phosphorylation sites.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2011 Jan;39(Database issue):D268-271; PMID: 20965970.

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September 2010